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Marine Aquaculture

• Marine Aguaculture Development • Ship design to support fishery and marine production • Sea transportation and logistics (supply vessel) • Freeding automation system for sustainable marine aquaculture • Tropical marine fish hatchery technology

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• Oil and gas industry • Fisheries and marine biology • Marine environment • Coastal engineering • Supply chain management • Maritime logistics conceptual design • Maritime defence and security design, innovation, and management • Small island infrastructure and engineering • Marine pipeline system • Marine electrical, machinery and automation system • Marine reliability and [...]

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Marine Engineering

• Marine Electrical and Automation System • Marine Reliability and Maintenance • Marine Power Plant and Energy • Marine Manufacturing and Design • Marine Machinery and System • Marine Operation • Marine Pipeline System

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Maritime Security and Defence

• Technology Design and Reliable Maritime Security System • Unmanned Surface Vehicle • Maritime Defence and Security Innovation • Maritime Defence and Security Management

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Maritime Tourism

• Small Islands Infrastructure and Engineering • Marine Tourism Innovation • Ship Design for Supporting Tourism

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Maritime Logistic

• Sea Transportation and Logistics • Multimodal Transport • Sea Transport Management • Maritime Logistics Conceptual Design • Supply Chain Management

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Marine Renewable Energy

• Renewable energy sources and management • Marine Current energy • Wave Energy • Wind Energy • Ocean Thermal Energy Converter (OTEC) • Oceanography dan Ocean Energy • Oil and Gas Industry

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• Ports infrastructure • Innovation and Green Port • Port Management • Port Conceptual Design

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